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Definition and Glossary of Terms

As an independent consultant, we chose payroll porting to have a simple and easy-to-use system to grow our business. Despite this, some terms are worth explaining in order to define the most commonly used expressions in our consulting life.

Salaried consultant Definition

Salaried Consultant Definition: In fact, the company pays the independent consultant for the services he provides. It is a system that simply offers in exchange for 50% of the turnover, a retirement executive, a provident, a mutual, a death insurance disability, unemployment insurance. It allows to manage the development of its activity while keeping the security of the salaried system. The Business Model developed is also very simple.

Commercial Contract (CC)

CC is the element that allows independent consultants to formalize the delivery between themselves and their client. OpenWork created the commercial contract in which is named the consultant who owns the relationship. This commercial contract is signed between OpenWork and the Consultant's client, always subject to validation by the independent consultant

Work Contract

The Work Contract is the contract created to salary the independant consultant during the time of the mission. That way, the umbrella company can make the paychecks for the independant consultant.

Management of Expense Claims

To develop your business, a consultant is likely to have business expenses. These costs are related to the management of its activity or its development. These business expenses are documented and reported in MyAccount or via our mobile application. Once these fees are paid, they are mailed to our offices for verification and archiving.

Activity Report & Timesheet

The Activity Report of a consultant is used to declare the number of days or the deliverable realized as part of its delivery of salary. This Activity Report then allows the company OpenWork to invoice and recover the amounts of the invoice allowing you a credit of your activity account.

Activity Account

The Activity Account is the equivalent of an entrepreneur's bank account. It's in this account that you see all of your transactions: invoices, past professional fees, payroll costs, payroll and the most important, your activity balance to determine the amount of your / your future pay.