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Golden Rules & Advantages

Becoming Independant

This guide is primarily intended for independent consultants who want to get started in the development of their activity and their service offer in order to generate a sustainable, profitable and fulfilling business in the long term. Becoming a consultant is a set of simple and fun rules to follow to develop your business in a sustainable way.

Diversification with Multiple Clients

It is wise to have multiple clients at the same time to never significantly reduce your income. Indeed, the best guarantee of sustainability of your business is to have several customers (between 3 and 4).

Managing its own time

Time management is the key to success. We put ourselves in independent consulting to have time. Thus, to preserve time for your commercial prospection, to answer an urgent need of the customers also remains one of the fundamental of the development of the activity.

Learning to Improvise & Listening to its clients

Know-how YES, Expertise YES, but also the ability to improvise, to challenge oneself as a consultant is essential. The contribution of the community is vital in this context. Listening to customers is fundamental. There are no small demands, there will be only benefits to become.

Look for Consultants & Partners

Share an important and long mission that does not allow you to respect the first two rules. To prospect together, to send a project to a consultant when we are overwhelmed, to live his ecosystem of skills and to succeed in developing business together will always be the way to sustain his activity. Build innovative offers requiring skills you do not have. The ecosystem of OpenWork and its payload consultants is really instrumental for that. Feel free to look for and find skills that complement yours.

Umbrella, Future of Freelancers

Creating these 5 rules and putting them in a wage porting guide has been a way for us to develop a state of mind. Being an independent consultant is first and foremost a state of mind or, as the Americans say, a "lifestyle" that consists of each beginning of the day acting as if it were the last and setting goals, developing a plan to achieve them and to take action to achieve its goals. This mechanics oscillates between the global strategy of the life we ​​want to lead (the destination) and the tasks to be performed on a daily basis. These tasks can sometimes seem long and tedious but take on their full meaning when delivered as part of the fulfilment of one's vision. The equally balanced relationship with its customers breaks the traditional bond of subordination to make room for a relationship of mutual listening and successful accomplishment of common goals. This is intended to change the relationship to work and see it as a mechanics less experienced than built around personal goals and common goals. After all, Confucius told us : "Do what you love at work, and you will not have to work a single day of your life."