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OpenWork, an unique community

Comitment to our Consultants

We have developed an offer to enable our consultants to develop their personal brand in a collective intelligence environment. And this is the essence of the question to ask. Does the company invest in developing the other essential elements and criteria for developing the activity of an independent consultant? OpenWork has a generic rule of reinvesting between 75% and 80% of its wage-earning margin in the development of 3 areas essential to the development of the activity of consultants:

Promote the Community

Firstly we think of our community of consultants, all our efforts are made for the well-being and efficiency of our community. Indeed, OpenWork offers a unique support to enable everyone to develop their entrepreneurial activity by addressing the issues in terms of service offer (and not just a job application), and also to exchange between consultants to create richer human and professional relations. Our vision of the future world of work is based on expertise and especially on human relations. Focus on the added value of each, create a unique relationship so that you can sustain your business without being isolated: this is our vision of a modern community wage-earning society.

Develop the Business of Consultants

Special attention is paid to the filling of Openwork profiles as these are highlighted in our work promoting the Consultant; it really brings a plus to a client who is looking for a reliable resource. OpenWork has only one major commitment, it is to put you in the best conditions so that you can develop and sustain your business, within the framework of the portage of course salary. Our relationship managers will guide you in the direction of business development, do not hesitate to make an appointment with them to refine your messages, your service offer, and their promotion. Realize your public profile and your video CV, expose your service offer and your achievements, and send your details. Your profile will be referenced to our partners and you will see your business opportunities increase.

A Company that shares your Values

Making a comparison administered consultant is primarily a question of personal criteria. The value of a umbrella company is a bit like the value of a business school or engineering school. It is measured primarily by the philosophy of society and the vision of how to work. It is also measured by the extent of its network.

Criteria for Umbrella Paye Services

The first criterion often asked is the amount of the percentage of the cost of portering. It is still necessary to know the ins and outs of this amount. OpenWork chose to position itself on a single and fixed amount for all its consultants without exception: 7% with a maximum of 600 € fees per pay. This makes for example that a consultant who charges 9000 € and a consultant who charges 15000 € per month will pay the same cost of porterage salary. This has the effect of lowering the cost of this portage mechanically.

Fees yes, but what happens to them?

  • Invest in the personal branding of consultants

    OpenWork invests in the SEO of its consultants. It is not uncommon to see a public profile go up in Google's search results. This is due to investments made in Natural Referencing on Consultant profiles that are constantly adjusted to be well referenced
  • Invest in the animation of the Network

    The consultants are accompanied, coached, trained and evenings are organized in order to promote meetings between consultants and therefore the multi-consultant missions.
  • Investing in the Management Facility

    One of the major priorities of OpenWork is to invest in tools that save the consultant administrative time. That is why the mobile applications Expense Note have been developed, or the system MyAccount, accessible 24/7 which constantly becomes easier to use. Investments are made to improve the system on an ongoing basis.
  • Invest in missions and exchange of opportunities of partners

    We invest in the relationship with our partners to propose a flow of missions to our consultants, for which our partners can directly submit their offers and contact the consultants.
Fees yes, but what happens to them?