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Umbrella Company, General Information

A Service for Freelancers

OpenWork is a platform that allows companies to deal directly with consultants, with all the protection of an agent. We reinvest 80% of our profits directly in the community & continual developments on the platform, these include free skills workshops, parties & networking and conferences. Welcome to an Open way of Working.

OpenWork, ABC of how it works

At OpenWork, the relationship between an independent consultant and its customers is implemented in 24 hours, very simply. We operate with one objective, that of developing and supporting the activity of the independent consultant so that the creation of a company is transparent for him. From the beginning of its missions to the end of this one, the consultants benefit from a unique experience on the accompaniment / coaching activity / customer, the management of their invoices and their commercial contracts, the management of their note of fees and their pay and finally integration into our ecosystem.

Become a Freelancer

Simply put Independent professionals go by many names:consultant, contractor, freelancer, self-employed, and small business owner may be used to accurately describe a non-employee that performs work for a company for an agreed upon price.

Umbrella Paye System

Umbrella company consists of simply paying an Independent Consultant with the added benefits of handelling the administration. No need to create a company, you are simply an employee of the company. Every month, the company bills on your behalf, collects the money and pays you a regular salary. You will contribute to the same funds (retirement, welfare, unemployment, NI etc.) and preserve the transitional rights of the employee. The consultant can have one or more clients, several commercial contracts and refine everything on one payroll. The commercial salary will rather be a service allowing the big groups to be able to centralize all of their independent consultants on one and the same administrative service provider who will manage the invoicing and the payment of the individual companies with which it works. This corresponds more to product service with the Purchasing Department of Companies. The set of independent consultants in commercially formed and even payroll will go through this unique billing structure. Its vocation is mainly administrative and manages the invoices of the Independent Consultants, the payment of these and the raises.