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LYON – IS Infrastructure Service Delivery Lead

Job description

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    Informatique et Telecoms

    Domaines d'activité :
    Informatique / Télécoms

    End date :


    Consultant(e) indépendant(e) – LYON – IS Infrastructure Service Delivery Lead


    Rythme : temps plein

    Lieu : Lyon

    Durée : plusieurs mois renouvelables

    TJM : selon profil (frais remboursables par le client : déplacements, logement si consultant ne vivant pas à Lyon)




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    MISSION : 

    Consultant profil requested: IS Infrastructure Service Delivery Lead

    Organization/department: D&IT, IS Infrastructure Service Line

    Job family: Information & Knowledge

    Level of experience : Senior

    • Fifteen or more years of experience in IT and business/industry
    • Five to seven years of leadership responsibilities
    • Preferably five or more years of experience in large, cross-functional teams influencing senior-level management and key stakeholders effectively across the organization and within complex contexts
    • Demonstrated experience in strategic planning, organization design and development
    • Preferably proven experience or demonstrated capability in leading IT transformational initiatives in complex and dynamic environments


    Mobility required : Yes

    Location : Lyon

    Time allocation : full time


    Beginning of the mission : 03/02/2020

    End of the mission : 31/07/2020 (with possibility to renew for some months)


    Context / Project scope : 

    The IS Infrastructure Service Delivery Lead is accountable for IT infrastructure Operations (I&O). He/She is responsible for the effective and efficient delivery of all third-party and internally managed IT infrastructure across the Group. This is achieved through the effective delivery of IT services through the management and orchestration of people, products, providers and processes.


    This degree of change will require strong leadership, as he/she will need to manage changes to the organization’s operating model. Staff will need to be supported and guided, as they develop the

    attributes and characteristics required to deliver great customer service and meet the business requirements and associated outcomes.

    He/She must support the IS Infrastructure Service Line Manager about the right delivery of all infrastructure operations worldwide taking the lead in developing partnership with the rest of D&IT organization and removing potential frictions inside infra organization and with the service providers. There requires a real understanding of how the business organizations works, and what their drivers and issues are. This needs translating into a clear roadmap to manage the transactional day-to-day relationship and the strategic demands.


    Primary Responsibilities: 

    • Leads the development of the I&O service strategy and technical roadmap, and ensures its integration with the overall IT plans.
    • Works with the D&IT management on the service portfolio and governance required to prioritize resources, including budget.
    • Acts as a trusted advisor, and builds and maintains relationships with other IS leaders and business executives to develop a clear understanding of business needs. Ensures cost-effective delivery of IT services to meet those needs, and is able to respond with the agility required to address changing business priorities.
    • Defines, develops and manages a comprehensive and integrated ITSM landscape, based on best-practice processes, disciplines and related toolsets.
    • Operates a formal governance mechanism to ensure that services can continue to be delivered in line with the agreed-on business outcomes.
    • Leverages influencing and negotiation skills across IT and the company to enable cost-effective and innovative shared solutions in the achievement of business goals.
    • Participates in the assessment of external and internal technology capabilities required to achieve desired competitive positioning.
    • Provides strategic direction and oversight for the design, development, operation and support of IT systems that fulfill the needs of the business, including the full life cycle of technical architecture, infrastructure engineering, infrastructure operations and IT service support.
    • Directs the development of an I&O sourcing strategy and provides executive oversight for strategic vendor and partner relationship management.
    • Helps in forecasting future skill and competency needs to acquire and develop an IT workforce. Requires an appropriate mix of business knowledge, technical skills and competencies that balance between growing the agility required to achieve digital business objectives and ensuring that the core IT functions are reliable, stable and efficient.
    • Manages the growing maturity of the organization by introducing revisions to the operating model that accommodate the move from a project-driven to a product family, service-centric environment.
    • Drives the adoption and commitment to continual service improvement.
    • Adopt new techniques and practices, such as Agile and service integration and management (SIAM), to complement the change in focus as the organization’s maturity develops.
    • Serves on IT planning and policymaking committees; drives the development of enterprise technology standards, governance processes and performance metrics to ensure that I&O delivers value to the company.


    Primary Contacts: 

    • IS Infrastructure Service Line Manager
    • IS Infrastructure Service Line
    • IS Leaders
    • Outside vendors and technology leaders in other companies



    1.    Education

    Bachelors or master’s degree in computer science, information systems, business administration or related field, or equivalent work experience

    2.    Knowledge/Skills

    • Exceptional leadership skills, with the ability to develop and communicate an I&O vision that inspires and motivates staff and aligns with the IT and business strategy
    • Ability to build a strong partnership with the business and demonstrate the business value of IT
    • Effective influencing and negotiation skills in an environment in which resources may not be in direct control of this role
    • Excellent analytical, strategic conceptual thinking, strategic planning and execution skills
    • Strong business acumen, including industry, domain-specific knowledge of the enterprise and its business units
    • Expertise in budget planning and financial management, preferably with showback and/or chargeback models
    • Deep understanding of current and emerging I&O technologies and practices, and how other enterprises are employing them
    • Application of appropriate regulatory or statutory compliance, including SOX, GDPR, and information security
    • Success in leveraging traditional best practices, such as ITSM, as well as emerging methods, such as DevOps, that are optimized for agility
    • Demonstrated ability to develop and execute a strategic people plan that ensures the right people are in the right roles at the right time, and employees are highly engaged and satisfied
    • Practical experience in developing and implementing a high-performing ITSM environment and knowledge of « what good looks like »
    • Deliver effective service management through the definition and adoption of a governance practice that uses KPIs and metrics to track and measure the quality of service. Integrates them with key accountabilities to ensure consistency of approach and continual service improvement
    • Strong vendor management and partner relation skills to identify and leverage resources internal and external to the enterprise to enhance capabilities that support business objectives
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to explain technical concepts and technologies to business leaders, and business concepts to the I&O workforce


    3.    Key Behaviors/Competencies





    ·        Establishes and expands external provider/partner relationships

    ·        Maintains and forms alliances with recognized experts and decision makers

    ·        Maintains and extends networks within, across and external to organizational boundaries

    ·        Solicits advice, support, championship, sponsorship and commitment to develop a smooth transition and the development of mutually acceptable solutions




    ·        Identifies and acts on opportunities for continuous improvement

    ·        Encourages prudent risk taking, exploration of alternative approaches and organizational learning

    ·        Demonstrates personal commitment to change through actions and words

    ·        Mobilizes others to support change through times of stress and uncertainty

    ·        Reviews, sponsors and approves recommendations for IT change programs that affect cross-functional key processes

    ·        Partners with other IT leaders to identify opportunities for significant technology/process enhancements



    ·        Can express IT technology decisions in terms of business outcomes by communicating ideas or positions in a persuasive manner that builds support, agreement or commitment

    ·        Takes actions that directly or indirectly influence others to create buy-in, gain trust, and motivate actions in others or win concessions without damaging relationships

    ·        Uses information or concepts to implement and influence strategy for multiple audiences, in high-risk situations or in situations involving differing perspectives to reach a common goal or have a positive impact on the organization


    ·        Improves organizational performance though the application of original thinking to existing and emerging methods, processes, products and services

    ·        Employs sound judgment in determining how innovation will be deployed to produce ROI

    ·        Devises unusual or radically different approaches to valueadded solutions
























    ·        Reliably meets performance targets, and sets and achieves challenging goals

    ·        Defines standards in terms of doing what is appropriate and doing it well

    ·        Continually measures the organization’s performance against the best-in-class peer group, and sets a vision and plan to exceed those benchmarks

    ·        Establishes financial discipline in creating and achieving budget plans

    ·        Mentors and guides staff to develop and mature their competencies

    ·        Sponsors formal governance mechanisms to measure and proactively manage quality of service (QoS)

    Risk Taking

    ·        Handles changes and uncertainties with ease and can move forward quickly

    ·        Identifies and acts on opportunities for continuous improvement

    ·        Demonstrates a willingness to make high-risk decisions when necessary

    ·        Can act with minimal planning to take actions in which the benefits to efficiency and effectiveness are weighed against potential risks

    ·        Can make decisions with incomplete, conflicting information and uncertain long-term consequences



    ·        Develops I&O plans that meet the architecture/technology needs of the organization

    ·        Continually reviews the effectiveness of IT delivery and seeks to optimize the value of ITSM

    ·        Incorporates business priorities, strategies, goals, emerging technologies, industry trends and economic viability

    ·        Allocates and aligns resources to meet plan objectives

    ·        Approves, sponsors and spearheads the implementation of strategic initiatives, securing the support of senior management

    ·        Reviews and updates the operating model to ensure the organization is correctly positioned for new technologies and disciplines



    ·        Develops, directs, coaches, mentors and reinforces team members in line with the mission, vision, values, goals and performance standards of formal and informal teams

    ·        Allocates functional roles, levels of accountabilities and strategic assignments

    ·        Fosters an environment of collaboration and a strong customer service culture

    ·        Inspires, motivates and guides team members by fostering commitment, team spirit and trust

    ·        Sets, monitors, provides and reinforces overall team performance feedback, including performance improvement and decisions/approvals with respect to rewards, redeployment and termination






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