Manager, Conseiller, Gestinnaire

Domaine d'activité
Services aux entreprises
Services publics
- Coaching individuel et d'équipes - formateur en management - formateur en gestion de conflits - conférencier - concepteur pédagogique
10 ans d'expérience
.Business intelligence

Mohamed heni M.

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My profile in a few words

As global competition intensifies, many industrial manufacturers are trying to set themselves apart through innovation. In this environment, superior product development capabilities become a key differentiator.

A new wave of digital technologies offers a way to establish and sustain this critical competitive advantage. Digital engineering holds the power to optimize innovation, cost, quality, and speed along the product development value chain.

Strategy & research shows that several of the biggest OEMs and industrial manufacturers are using digital engineering to drive value and efficiency in key areas such as concept development, knowledge capture and reuse, product design, and testing. Their experience demonstrates how these new technologies can accelerate product development and reduce costs. At the same time, digital tools create a more flexible, market-driven engineering function.

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  • ISO Certifications;
  • Quality management system (QSM) deployment.

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